M.G. Biscotteria Veneziana s.r.l.

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M.G. Biscotteria Veneziana

Over the years M.G. Biscotteria Veneziana has put together the tradition and experience of Carmelina Palmisano, while being able to improve the production and selling of venetian biscuits and pastries, not only in the Venetian territory, but also all over Italy and even abroad. The developement of this production, aimed to satisfy an always growing demand, has been achieved thanks to the preservation of traditional techniques that have enabled us to stay true to our roots, keeping the quality of our products high. The proof of the excellence of the path taken is represented by our clients and customers, who keep awarding and appreciating our traditional Venetian specialties


Factory: Via E. Bugatti, 25 Jesolo (VE) Tel. 0421.350080

Store: Via Galupèpi, 355 Burano (VE) Tel. 041.730010

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M.G. Biscotteria Veneziana s.r.l.

Via E. Bugatti, 25
P: +39 0421 350 080

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