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Ferrowine: the fine drinking library

700 square metres of display space, 5,000 different choices, and daily tasting events dedicated to wine, beer, spirits and food: Ferrowine is all about la dolce vita. At Ferrowine, our trained staff, sommeliers, bartenders and beverage experts are ready to offer advice and guide you through the world of fine drinking.

Wine Selection

Ferro offers over 2,500 wines, selected by Angelo Sabbadin, who was named Italy's best sommelier by L’Espresso guide in 2011. He is drawn to vineyards with a strong connection to the land, which is reflected in their wines, and who are working to protect it for future generations.

Spirit Selection

Join us on a tour of all the world's greatest distilleries. We will take you from whisky and rum to innovative gins and vodkas, passing through the distant lands of tequila and sake, without forgetting classic spirits such as grappa, calvados, absinthe, brandy, cognac and armagnac. Alongside the most popular products, the spirits department also includes rare and refined bottles to enhance your collection. Gabriele Menini, Ferro's Spirit Specialist, seeks out producers who like to experiment with innovative refinement techniques and create authentic products using new raw materials and recipes.

Beer Selection

Ferrowine is always searching for the best of the best. Drawing on his experience, Mauro Gobbo, our Beer Specialist, selects craft breweries and microbreweries from around the world according to several criteria: as well as producing incredible beer, they must also capture the true essence of this extraordinary drink, combining tradition with innovation. Tradition, innovation and consistent quality are the cornerstones of Ferrowine's Beer Selection.


Non-Alcoholic Drinks and Food

Ferrowine offers more than just alcohol. The care we pour into our wine, beer and spirits is also reflected in our selection of non-alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, juices, soda waters and food. We are always on the lookout for products with a difference, and love supporting Venetian and Italian producers. Refined cheeses, high-quality fruit and vegetable preserves, artisan confectionery and refined chocolates: these are just a few examples of the food on offer at Ferrowine.

Courses and Tastings

Ferrowine offers a unique insight into the world of wine, craft beers and spirits every day. Check out the events calendar at to discover new products, explore your passion or learn something new. Our sommeliers and experts offer courses on beer, wine and spirits, as well as training evenings and opportunities to meet the producers.

A week of tastings at Ferrowine Jesolo

- Monday – Italian and international red wines:

every Monday is devoted to a different topic, be it a type of wine, grape variety or region.

- Tuesday – Craft Beers:

discover microbreweries and their innovative new beers.

- Wednesday – Italian and international white wines

Wednesdays are dedicated to discovering great white wines from around the world.

- Thursday – The world of spirits

Learn all about spirits, from production to tasting.

- Friday – Bubbly

What better way to spend your Friday than sipping on some sparkling wine?


Calendar for July and August – tastings start at 19:00

You can find more information about the tastings on the website and our FB page.


Personal sommelier

The Ferrowine staff are at your service. Our expert sommeliers can help you identify the products that best suit your tastes to create your own personal collection. Backed by a huge variety of Italian and foreign producers, they are able to meet everyone's needs, offering the most prestigious names and traditional family enterprises. Our sommeliers are also available to organise private and personalised tastings based on your interests.


Ferrowine specialises in creating custom gifts for companies and individuals. This service includes a variety of different options, with original packaging, unique favours and personalised baskets. We can also ship in Italy and internationally.

Loyalty Card

Get a free loyalty card to enjoy discounts on your purchases. Earn one point for every euro spent: for every 250 points you will receive a €20 voucher to be used on subsequent purchases. For more information, visit



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Opening Hours

Monday10.00-13.00 ; 17.00 – 23.00
Tuesday10.00-13.00 ; 17.00 – 23.00
Wednesday10.00-13.00 ; 17.00 – 23.00
Thursday10.00-13.00 ; 17.00 – 23.00
Friday10.00-13.00 ; 17.00 – 23.00
Saturday10.00-13.00 ; 17.00 – 23.00
Sunday10.00-13.00 ; 17.00 – 23.00

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